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Solidarity with the school and refugee strike in Berlin

Comrades, We – the Revolutionary Socialists , a youth organisation in Britain – send our warmest solidarity to the Berlin school students’ strike in defence of the rights of refugees. … Continue reading

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Senate House and the Fight to Reclaim Our Universities

‘Cops off Campus’ was the rallying cry of Thursday’s demonstration across London’s Bloomsbury campus. The previous day saw students, inspired by similar occupations across the country, peacefully occupying the management … Continue reading

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Pavlos Fyssas, Greek Antifascist – murdered by Nazis

Pavlos Fyssas, a 34-year old Greek anti-fascist, also known as rapper “Killah P”, was stabbed to death last night in Athens. He was with a few friends in the district … Continue reading

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Voyager 1 voyage goes interstellar

A space craft launched by NASA 41 years ago has become the first object manufactured by humans to leave the solar system and enter interstellar space. The Voyager project consisted … Continue reading

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Stop the EDL in Sheffield / 21 September

A message from Stop the EDL in Sheffield: The English Defence League are planning on marching through Sheffield on 21st September. We want to make sure that the EDL don’t … Continue reading

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Report of our first National Meeting

50 students and young activists from around the country turned out for the Revolutionary Socialists first National Meeting. With many of those present only released from police cells in the … Continue reading

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Zero Tolerance for Zero Hours

The rise in zero-hour contracts exposes the bosses’ latest strategy to beat the crisis – at our expense

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Fast Food workers supersize their strikes

The struggle for a living wage has gone national, hitting 1000 shops in nearly 58 cities across the USA. Kady Tait reports

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Russia’s anti-gay law and the Rise of Fascism

This article was originally posted at the Marxist Queen blog We have seen Russia’s anti-gay law pass almost unanimously in the Duma this year, and resistance to continuing attacks on … Continue reading

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Sisters Against the EDL Public Meeting

19:30 Tuesday 27 August London Muslim Centre The racist English Defence League (EDL) are planning to march through Tower Hamlets on the 7th September. They have tried to march through … Continue reading

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Revolutionary Socialists National Meeting

10:00 – 17:00 Saturday 8 September Goldsmiths University, London RHB256 Dear sisters, brothers and comrades, On Sunday 8th September there will be the first national meeting of the Revolutionary Socialists … Continue reading

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All out to Stop the EDL in Tower Hamlets

Unite Against Fascism and London Antifascists are mobilising to stop the fascist English Defence League marching through Tower Hamlets on 7 September. Join the Facebook event here This is the … Continue reading

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