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Stop the EDL in Birmingham 20 July

The fascist English Defence League are planning a march in Birmingham on the 20th July.

Their motivation is the racist myth that East Birmingham has become a ‘no-go’ area dominated by ‘Al Qaeda cells’ and ‘whiny Islamic extremists’.

The EDL’s strategy is to build a street movement based on piggybacking the racist scapegoating of a minority which has been maintained by the government and media for over a decade.

We should oppose the EDL’s march by organising an antifascist counter-demonstration based on working class unity against racism.

We should reject the ‘right’ of the EDL to hold a protest whose only purpose is to encourage racist violence against Muslims.

The EDL’s attacks on Muslims have no benefit for working class people. Their racism only reinforces the power of the boss class who exploit working people of every colour, religion and nationality.

Against the EDL’s politics of despair, we should advance the politics of hope – the politics of a working class struggle to overthrow a system based on oppression, exploitation and war.

A counter-demonstration has been called by the MDL and anti-fascist groups.

Saturday 20 July

Centenary Square


¡No Pasarán!


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