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All out to Stop the EDL in Tower Hamlets

Unite Against Fascism and London Antifascists are mobilising to stop the fascist English Defence League marching through Tower Hamlets on 7 September.

Join the Facebook event here

This is the third time the racist organisation has tried to stage a provocative march through the area.

Several groups and individuals, including UAF, have called on the government to ban the march – as they did in 2011.

Appealing to the police and government to ban marches by fascists is counter-productive. In 2011, a 30-day ban on political marches was imposed – a ban which also applied to progressive and working class movements.

On that demonstration, the police still allowed to EDL to hold a short march, although the large antifascist presence meant the EDL were unable to complete their march.

As a fascist street force the EDL aims to stir up racist tension in working class communities. Where they march, racist violence and harassment follows.

The EDL carry out indiscriminate attacks against anyone they consider to be foreign – with Muslims a particular target. After Lee Rigby was killed by Muslim militants as retaliation for the British Army’s brutal occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan, fascists aligned with the EDL firebombed Mosques in London, Grimsby and Birmingham.

This is the aim of the EDL’s street marches – to boost the confidence of local racists who will feel they are part of a growing national movement that will defend and justify violence against minorities, the left and working class organisations.

The Revolutionary Socialists appeal to all anti-racist youth to join the counter-demonstration in Altab Ali Park on 7 September.

We stand for the militant self-organisation of the working class and youth to deny the fascists a platform anywhere in our communities.

We place no trust in the police or the government, who are responsible for hundreds of racist murders, routine racist harassment of Black and Asian youth and the impoverishment of working people through cuts and austerity.

We say Black and White, unite and fight to stop the EDL on the streets.

Above all we say that the politics of racism and division are best opposed by organising the working class, the youth and the unemployed in a collective struggle for housing, jobs, education and cultural facilities for all.

Join the demonstration – smash the EDL


Altab Ali Park

Whitechapel High Street


***Sisters Against the EDL are holding a meeting to mobilise women and women’s organisations to the antifascist rally.***

Download the UAF Leaflet

East London UAF

London Antifascists


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