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Revolutionary Socialists National Meeting

10:00 – 17:00
Saturday 8 September
Goldsmiths University, London RHB256

Dear sisters, brothers and comrades,

On Sunday 8th September there will be the first national meeting of the Revolutionary Socialists (UK) in London. The meeting is open to all anti-capitalist, radical and revolutionary students and youth within the UK. In this spirit we would like to officially invite your organisation and its supporters and members to come to the event to participate and join in with the discussions and debates.

Who are the Revolutionary Socialists?

The Revolutionary Socialists are groups of students and youth which broke from the SWP in spring 2013. We want to organise nationally to oppose austerity, exploitation and oppression in education, workplaces and amongst the unemployed. We stand autonomous from every party and network; we are for the self-organisation of all youth who want to overthrow capitalism at home and abroad.

What do we want to do?

The meeting aims to discuss how best to organise our resistance this autumn. We think the most effective way to do this is to channel many voices in a democratic debate. A real debate on the way forwards can be the foundation for a common plan of action for the Revolutionary Socialists, and the basis for unity in action between the RevSocs and other groups on every front of the class struggle.

What are the details?

The event will be held at Goldsmith’s University, London, on Sunday 8th September, with registration beginning from 10am.

Accomodation will be provided, as will refreshments on the day itself.


Session One: Youth Won’t Pay for Their Crisis: From 9k to Zero Hours

Session Two: The rise of ‘New Sexism’ and The Fight Back On Our Campuses.

Session Three: Racism, Police Brutality and The Rise of The Far Right.

Session Four: What is RevSoc? Where Next?

We hope to see you there,


Revolutionary Socialists

Please register if you can. This will help us plan accommodation and make sure the day runs smoothly.


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