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Sisters Against the EDL Public Meeting

Tuesday 27 August
London Muslim Centre
The racist English Defence League (EDL) are planning to march through Tower Hamlets on the 7th September. They have tried to march through Tower Hamlets three times before and each time they have been prevented by the unity of Muslims, women, LGBT groups, trade unions and the Tower Hamlets community. We will march against them again, and want as many women as possible to be involved. Since the murder in Woolwich, the EDL have been trying to capitalise on the incident by stirring up anti-Muslim, racist sentiment.

The EDL claim that by demonising Islam they are fighting for the rights of Muslim women. We reject this racist idea that sexism is something specific to Muslim communities: our experience as women tell us that sexism exists everywhere. The EDL have done nothing for women’s liberation and they do not speak for us.

We are therefore calling on women’s groups across London to help co-ordinate the mass mobilisation against the EDL on the 7th and to be involved in organising women and bringing them to the demonstration. This meeting will be an opportunity to plan for the demo, and to discuss more broadly women’s experiences of racism in the UK.

*** Please note that this meeting will be women only ***


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