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Stop the EDL in Sheffield / 21 September

A message from Stop the EDL in Sheffield:

The English Defence League are planning on marching through Sheffield on 21st September. We want to make sure that the EDL don’t get to intimidate people and parade their hatred through the streets unopposed.

The EDL are planning on protesting in Sheffield Lane Top against an imaginary mosque (more details).

We’re hosting a public meeting on Monday 16th September at Sheffield Hallam Hubs on Paternoster Row, to plan the opposition to the EDL’s demo. All anti-fascists are invited!

On the day we plan to be mobile so we can effectively defend our communities. Follow us on facebook and twitter to keep up to date with our plans!

Stop the EDL in Sheffield


The EDL have been two Sheffield twice in recent months. The first time, they were prevented from marching to the Cenotaph by several hundred antifascists. The second time, police ensured they marched to the Cenotaph, but local antifascists kept up the pressure forcing them to leave the city under a heavy police escort.

Let’s use the experiences of recent antifascist mobilisations across the north east and west, as well as the lessons of Tower Hamlets to help mobilise the largest possible demonstration, with democratic organisation of those willing and able to defend the city and its people from the fascists, and the police who protect them.


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  2. oogenhand
    September 22, 2013

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    Interesting date, 21 September.

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