the revolutionary socialists

the youth are in the streets!

Solidarity with the school and refugee strike in Berlin


We – the Revolutionary Socialists , a youth organisation in Britain – send our warmest solidarity to the Berlin school students’ strike in defence of the rights of refugees.

From London to Lampedusa those fleeing the violence of poverty and war are hunted down, rounded-up and forcibly deported. In the detention centres, women are raped, children are imprisoned, men are beaten – all are humiliated and degraded before their fate is decided. Hundreds do not survive.

Many of those who get through face a life of poverty and racism and the threat of deportation. Those escaping wars and repression waged by their own dictatorships and made worse by the imperialist intervention are often denied asylum – an obligation included in all the charters of human rights.

The media, courts and police provoke fear and hostility against those whose only ‘crime’ is to seek safety and security. Meanwhile the capitalist class grows rich from the profits of war, exploitation and environmental destruction and refuses to take responsibility for the human cost.

In Britain we are waging the same struggle for the rights of refugees and those seeking asylum from repression in their own countries. With you we say:

• Open the borders to all seeking refuge – no one is illegal

• For full civil rights – to right to residence, the right to work, the right to housing and social security.

We have observed your struggle in Berlin with admiration and enthusiasm. The solidarity between the young people of Germany and those seeking refuge there is an inspiration to all of us across the continent

Victory to the struggle of refugees for their rights!

Long live Intenational Solidarity – Hoch Die Internationale Solidarität!


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