the revolutionary socialists

the youth are in the streets!


Revolutionary Socialist group in Leeds, dedicated to fighting capitalism, oppression and imperialism.


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Our Platform

1. We are an organisation committed to the revolutionary overthrow of capitalism and the construction of a socialist society.2. We oppose Imperialism and its wars: Down with NATO; For one secular state for all in Palestine; For Nuclear Disarmament.3. We will fight every form of social oppression – down with sexism, racism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism and xenophobia. Full equality and liberation for all oppressed groups means the right to caucus in every political, social and public institution.

4. No to cuts – fund jobs and services by taxing the rich. Fight for a workers’ government based on democratic councils of the working class to open the road to the socialist transformation of society.

5. No to Fascism – no platform for fascists on campus, on the streets, in local and national government and in the media.

6. Against racist immigration controls – open the borders, citizenship rights for all.

7. A living wage for all workers and grants for those in education. Share out the work with no loss of pay to abolish unemployment. Let workers inspect company accounts with nationalisation for businesses which sack workers.

8. Free education and healthcare for all. Full reproductive rights including abortion on demand.

9. Capitalism kills the planet – for workers’ control of production to challenge environmentally damaging practices and plan the creation of 100% renewable energy production.

10. Internationalism – for revolution and socialism worldwide!

Adopted unanimously 15.03.2013

Constitution of the Revolutionary Socialists

1. Membership of the Revolutionary Socialists is open to all students, youth under 27 and workers in education institutions who accept the policies of our Platform.

2. Membership dues are paid monthly, the amount to be agreed by the General Meeting.

3. General (organising) Meetings are open to all members. Non-members may attend subject to the agreement of the members present and the provisions outlined in section 7. Members can vote. Non-members have an indicative vote.

4. All decisions are made by simple majority vote. The General Meeting is sovereign on all decisions except changes to i) Constitution ii) Platform iii) Disciplinary procedures which must be put to a Special General Meeting called with at least two weeks’ notice. These decisions require a two-thirds majority.

5. Members who self-identify into an oppressed group (including women) have the right to create or attend caucuses. The caucuses have the right to hear questions relating to their oppression and report to the General Meeting.

6. Members are not bound to carry out the decisions of the group but may not disrupt the agreed decisions of the group.

7. The group reserves the following disciplinary measures: censure, suspension, expulsion for oppressive or violent behaviour, intimidation and harassment. Only the Special General Meeting can impose these measures. The accused must be informed in writing and has the right to defend themselves at the SGM.

8. The General Meeting can delegate roles and responsibilities subject to immediate recall.

Adopted unanimously 15.03.2013


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